Rapture EP

by Siddhartha

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This EP is a birthday present for my dear sweet love, Courtney Bird, born 26 years ago today. These songs were inspired by her, my amusing muse of music.

They are psychedelic, swirly, star seed songs that criss-cross light and dark and bring love to the full realm of experience, that great cosmic YES that is the light of awareness shining fully into the here and now to bless us all.

I hope that you enjoy, love, live, shine your brilliance for the world, and just have an awesome time being yourself! May we all be so free!!



released December 13, 2013



all rights reserved


Siddhartha Odemira, Portugal

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Track Name: In Your Love
Lovin' you is easy and it's bringin' me awake
Every step I take brings me closer to your light
And I don't want to fight it
I just want to smile
And sit for a while
In your love
Track Name: The One You See
And finally I want to be
The one you see
When you step out of your dreams
My drooling face your sleepy gaze
The lazy sun up in the sky
As we wake to lullabies
To sweet for dreams

And finally I want to be
The one you see
When you step out of your dreams
Nothing in between
The space you are the space I am
The great I AM
The love you hold as it unfolds
And flies again
The kiss I miss the lips I'll kiss
So soon again

The silver moon the great monsoon
That waters all the thirsty plants
The purple sky don't say goodbye
You'll make me cry just tell me when
We'll talk again

Just tell me when we'll talk again!
Track Name: Valley of Shadows
Close your eyes, my darling
It only means going to sleep
Your good dreams we will keep
The bad ones will be left behind
Forever behind

Don't have a care in the world
And the gates will open to you
Your Father will open the gates for you
If you are brave
The gates will open if you are

After all, what is there to fear?
You were made
To walk through this door
You were made
To be robed in light
You were made
To taste, to taste, to taste
The other side

You were made to come home
I'll take your hand
There is nothing,
Nothing to fear
Nothing to fear
Nothing, Nothing,
Nothing to fear...
Track Name: You and Me
You and me we can be free
From the dreary dreams
That would drag us down

You and me we can see
And we can play and dance and make love
In the sand of the Earth
Holds us close, rubs our toes
Frees our ghosts to go to the other side

You and me on the breeze
On the clouds on the sound
Of a very deep and loud